Here are the new records that will be coming out this week! If you’d like to see releases added to the list for future weeks, contact us by clicking here.

Abigail Williams – Walk Beyond The Dark

Bombus – Vulture Culture

Cyhra – No Halos In Hell

The Deathtrip – Demon Solar Totem

Despised Icon – Purgatory

Diabolic Night – Beyond the Realm

Hanging Garden – Into That Good Night

Left Behind – No One Goes To Heaven

Lionheart – Valley Of Death

Nibiru Ordeal – Solar Eclipse

Ragnarok – Non Debellicata

Raised Fist – Anthems

Raw Hex – Always High, Always Low

Spoil Engine – Renaissance Noire

Verdun – Astral Sabbath

Zao – Reformat/Reboot