UPDATE – An all new single has arrived! It goes by the name of “Nothing to Everything” and can be enjoyed through the streaming video right here:

Atrium is an incredible Instrumental Progressive Metal project that has been consistently putting out quality material for some years now. This trend does not appear to have slowed at all because new music is ready to be released!

The album “Dither” is set to launch on December 16th, 2019 with pre-orders currently available to those who navigate to Bandcamp.

In support of the new album release, you can now enjoy the new single “Quasar” which amounts to nearly 4 minutes’ worth of fresh content from the mind and talents of Atrium.

If you’d like to keep up with what comes next, follow Atrium on social networks! This can be done via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. There’s even an official website you can visit.

Links: Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Bandcamp // Official Website