Hailing from Calgary (surprisingly not Neptune), the band DIAMONDS ON NEPTUNE bring an eclectic and energetic sound to the table. I’m sure a number of you would enjoy this.

Today, they launched a brand new single by the name of “Erase” which can be enjoyed through the stream provided below.

Let them know if you want to hear more where this came from! They can be found on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also pick up the music and listen on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

The band had the following to say of this:

“This one is a rager, it’s unhinged and animalistic. There is less of a message we are trying to push here and more of a sensation, we hope the crowd will let loose and that chaos will ensue. We get asked about this one a lot and we are very excited to finally be putting it out there.”

Links: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Spotify // Bandcamp // iTunes // Amazon