DIE ANOTHER DAY have just launched a new lyric video for their single “Wild Fire”! This one is a banger. Enjoy for yourself right here:

“This is where the head-banging begins. Jared wrote this very aggressive riff and began adding all the extra synth parts that really make the song come together. To us, this is a song that really knocks you off your feet; when that chorus hits the first time, all I could picture was a crowd exploding into this giant mosh pit, and if you aren’t moshing, then those gang vocals will get your voice nice and warm when you join in on the fun. The lyrics are based upon my experience of living in negativity (both physically and mentally.) It becomes draining and tends to send you into a downward spiral. If you were to continue on this path, you’d find yourself losing a lot of relationships with loved ones, and end up really stuck in an endless cycle of burning every bridge/ connection to your life that you’ve made.” -Tyler

Genre: Metalcore
Location: Calgary, AB

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