While speaking with Zane Lowe at Apple Music, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno provided an album update. Here’s the link:

Here’s some of what he had to say:

“We just started the mixing process a couple of months back. It worked out as far as doing it remote. Our producer, Terry Date who’s doing the record—he’s in Seattle. As a band, we’re all spread out, any ways. He’s just been working on it and then sending us stuff and we’ll send it back with notes and this and that, whatever.

Usually it would be a little more expedited had we all been able to be in the same room at the same time, but it’s working out and he just finished his first full round of mixing the whole record and now it’s going back to little things and particular things on each song. So we’re using the time, trying to at least, by still working on the record and there’s no rush obviously for us to get out and do anything. So we’re just kinda taking our time with it.

Since trying all these different things we’ve always wanted to go back and make records with him again. We actually started doing a record with him which was titled to be the ‘Eros‘ record, that we started, we got like maybe two thirds of the way through and that’s when Chi had his accident. And then everything just sort of shutdown in our world. And when we reconvened we started on “Diamond Eyes” and at that point we worked with Nick Raskulinecz and sort of went on a journey in that direction.

I think we felt… we love Terry. He’s pretty much been there since the beginning of us making records. We just vibe with him really good, he’s super easygoing. He’s not a producer that’s in there trying to push his ideas into what we’re doing, other than to just capture what it is that happens when we get together, as well as speaking up when stuff isn’t where it should be or whatever. He’s just a great dude.”

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