‘Home’, off upcoming EP “Awakening” due out June 26, 2020
Seattle, WA
Progressive Metal

Spotify – https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/draemora/home


“‘Home’ is the most technical song on the EP; it’s energetic and powerful. It’s a powerful beginning to the EP and sets the tone for the album. Like the majority of the songs on the album, its lyrical content while dark also tells a story about anyone who, like me, struggles with wanting to jump out of their skin sometimes from anxiety. A lot of us reach for substances, to put off having to deal with those things, and unfortunately, some never get out of that brutal cycle erase themselves from the earth, I have known a few souls that didn’t make it. I wanted the song to convey the message that in a world that is so dark and brutal sometimes there is always hope for those who want to find it, and you don’t destroy yourself to figure that out.”