NEW SINGLE (2020) Divine Realm – Kaleidoscope Mind AVAILABLE NOW on Spotify / Apple Music / Bandcamp!!

Here’s the official word:

After much anticipation I am very pleased to present the first single off the upcoming 2020 Divine Realm EP, and title-track, “Kaleidoscope Mind”.

This is my first effort where I’ve sat in the captain’s seat from conception to delivery, which includes composing to producing the entire EP myself and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how it’s turned out and the priceless personal growth I’ve gained as a result.

As far as the actual release date goes for the full EP, I’ve decided to keep it a mystery and release a couple more surprise singles prior to. To all those who have waited patiently and continued to support me on this journey, this is for you.
“Kaleidoscope Mind” comes from a very personal place of existential questions about life, existence, faith and more to the point, how we all as humans perceive these things through a different (distorted) lens with countless different filters. Musically, I feel this is my most polished and sincere offering to date and it exhibits some of my best guitar work. Regarding the album art, it was a privilege to work with Canadian artist Evan Buchanan to bring this idea to visual fruition.
Thank you to my family for their neverending support, my peers and students, all the DR fans and of course all my incredible sponsors for providing me with the best sounding gear to bring my ideas to life from composition stage to the end. Stay tuned for much more! – Leo Diensthuber (Divine Realm)

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