Here are the new records that will be coming out this week! If you’d like to see releases added to the list for future weeks, contact us by clicking here.

Ace Frehley – Origins Vol. 2

Asyllex – Ephemeros

We are excited to announce that our 2nd album Ephemeros will be out friday next week September 18.Ephemeros (Short…

Posted by Asyllex on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Bulb – Archives: Volume 2

Carnation – Where Death Lies

Finntroll – Vredesvävd

Fires In The Distance – Echoes From Deep November (9/19)

Fit For A King – The Path

Heathen – Empire Of The Blind

Krosis – Mount of Sacrifice Redux

The Last Reign – Evolution

Maul – Deity Demise

Memories of Old – The Zeramin Game

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) – Dropped Frames, Vol. 3

Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism

Plague Years – Circle of Darkness

Raven – Metal City

Sadistic Embodiment – Blood Spell

Soulbound – Addicted

SUMAC – May You Be Held

Varg – Zeichen

10 Years – Violent Allies