I just wanted to take a minute to shine some light on the new work Humanity’s Last Breath has been putting out. If you’re unfamiliar, this Swedish band is akin to contemporaries such as Meshuggah and Vildhjarta (with whom they share a member in Buster Odeholm) all while bringing spice of their own to the table.

Their latest single “VITTRING” especially caught my attention for being a mix of disgustingly heaviness and innovation. This honestly might be my favorite song right now. The production techniques and low tuning of this track just bend the mind. Oh, and the music video is great as well so give it a spin:

And while you’re at it, enjoy the equally interesting single “Earthless” which likewise comes complete with a fantastic music video here. Long story short – if you’re in the market for fantastic and innovative heaviness this year – look to Humanity’s Last Breath!

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