Solo artist CHRIS MARAGOTH collaborated with NEUN to construct a new EP going by the name of “A VILE GATHERING”. This is currently available on Bandcamp and SoundCloud for a free download!

“A VILE GATHERING” contains 3 instrumental songs. They’re named after rare and mythic Magic The Gathering cards from the ancient and majestic ELDRAZI race. They’re alien-like creatures, originating from the ethers between the planes, devouring all mana and life energy until every world is obliterated. Three of the most over-powered titan-forms are the REALITY SMASHER, the OBLIVION SOWER, and the VOID WINNOWER. Take a pinch of Deathcore and a dash of Modern Melodic Metal, add a bit of Djent to the mix and then you’ve got a good description of what to expect when you listen to “A VILE GATHERING”.

Just to show the eclectic variety Chris brings to the table, you can also enjoy his solo rock endeavor via the track “Behind This Door”:


More infos to Chris Maragoth: