COSMOPHOBE – The Flesh Is Weak
Album: COSMOPHOBE – Neo-Terran Dystopia
Genre: Progressive Technical Deathcore / Space Metal
Location: Lafayette, LA (aka Space)
For fans of: Rings of Saturn, Animation Sequence, The Faceless, Beneath The Massacre, Contra 3

“The Flesh Is Weak is about future humans replacing their bodies with cybernetic enhancements, and some even transferring themselves to fully synthetic bodies. The theme of the upcoming album ‘Neo-Terran Dystopia’ ,which this single comes from, is about a fictional future Earth which has become completely reliant on technology, turning it into a cyborg dystopia, where organic life is slowly being phased out. A lot of this song is inspired heavily by Rings of Saturn, and the Contra 3 soundtrack.”


Mixed and Mastered by Cosmophobic Recordings
Art and Logo by Mark Cooper