Taken from their new album V Out April 9th CD/Digital via Black Lion Records

The fifth full-length album of SAILLE, entitled ‘V’, is another landmark in the band’s existence. After a rough period of time, SAILLE felt the need for a dramatic make-over, seeking a deeper darkness, both live and in the studio. Visually and sound wise SAILLE improved immense and a new frontman from the Netherlands was announced. Jesse Peetoom is two metres of charisma, musical talent and vocal power.

Order CD/Digital at https://sailleblacklion.bandcamp.com​

It’s time for ‘V’, which release date has been set on April 9th, 2021 to be released by Black Lion Records, Sweden.

Artwork was drawn by French artist Vincent Fouquet of Above Chaos. (Inquisition/Tsjuder/Kataklysm).

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