SCORN OF CREATION – Dissent and Dissonance

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Genre: Death Metal (influences range from Black Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal and Alternative)
For fans of: Disentomb, Defeated Sanity, The Black Dahlia Murder, Revocation, Morbid Angel

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“The video is a lyrics video for Dissent and Dissonance (Track 5 from the new album), the song is the mid-point of the album.
At this point in the story, a member of the cult is starting to have doubts about the leader and his plan. He begins to sow seeds of discontent amongst the other members and word spreads to the leader himself.”

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Annihilation Cult – The sophomore album from Scorn of Creation

‘Annihilation Cult’ is the anticipated follow up and lyrical continuum to Scorn of Creation’s 2018 self-titled debut. Featuring 10 new tracks, ‘Annihilation Cult’ explores and expands on the band’s distinctive crushing sound, which blends elements of traditional death metal with a modern creative edge.

Join the congregation and be taken into the mind of a deranged cult leader through discordant, dark, driving compositions created during one of the darkest times in recent history.

Recorded across New Zealand and Australia remotely by Scorn Of Creation during the global Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

Mixed, Mastered and produced by Seth Jackson at Silver Tides, self released by Scorn Of Creation