Single: VAJRA – Maya
Album: VAJRA – Irkalla (CLICK HERE to read our review!)
Genre: Progressive Rock
Location: Vajra Temple
For fans of: Tool and amazing Progressive Rock

Vajra’s Official Music Video for the song “Maya” from their forthcoming album ‘Irkalla’ releasing January 15, 2021 on Thunder Cult Records.

“The video for Maya is the second chapter of a larger film inspired by the Sumerian classic hero myth, ‘Descent of Inanna,’” explains Vajra vocalist Annamaria Pinna. Pinna, with bass player Dave Sussman, wrote, shot, edited and produced the clip, which features performance artist Erin Ellen Kelly (Serpentine Slacker Gallery/Indianapolis Museum of Art).

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Film Written, Produced and Edited by Vajra
Cinematography by: David Sussman, Annamaria Pinna, Jimmy DeMarco, Max R. Sequeira

Choreography by: Erin Ellen Kelly

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