APOGEAN – Pale Moon (Guitar Playthrough)
EP: APOGEAN – Into Madness
Location: Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦
Genre: Technical Death Metal
For fans of: The Faceless, The Zenith Passage, Obscura, The Black Dahlia Murder

“Pale Moon is about gaining both the knowledge and the acceptance of the madness surrounding us all. A glimpse into this world and the myriad of beings and characters already at this state, and a celebration of the freedom from sanity for all. For, only after this can we truly dance among the stars, uncaring, our spirits unwavering.”

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What you’ve encountered this far has broke you down, From the depleted shell you once were. But now with your ascendance beyond the thousand lies, Truth bleeding in the night. Bodies casting shadows in the night, Against the fire and its light. I wander under Pale Moon. Defiant of all of life and its plight, This blood is on my hands tonight. But only under Pale Moon. Under this frail light, come alive, All the creatures of the night. Become a witness to the offerings under altered hues. A bystander on the Council of Night and the alternate truths that it skews. These spirits twirling all around, In shadows can be found, In shadows only, can be found. We dance among the stars, Uncaring, We dance among the stars, Our spirits unwavering, We dance among the stars, Uncaring, With souls on fire. Be counted among the ones who know Shrouded in this hidden knowledge. This is the last chance you’ll ever have to be ensconced in this crowd.