VILEGLOOM – Living Hell
EP: VILEGLOOM – Suicidal Ideation
Genre: Downtempo Deathcore
Location: Lebanon / Portland, OR 🇺🇸
For fans of: Traitors, Bodysnatcher, Villains, BlackTongue


“Our first music video with a story board, we bring you LIVING HELL, a thunderous tune brimming with eerie leads, downtuned riffage and groovy hooks.

The lyrics take you on a anxiety driven spiral from the dark perspective of a persona who has nothing left to live for, as well as delving into thoughts of self deprecation.
The instrumental side of things keep it low and moderately slow, locking in our signature sludgy tones, as well as bringing in more upbeat rhythms to the track, which is a new thing for us.

Crank up the volume and let the heavy sink in, we hope you all enjoy!”