NO LIVING WITNESS – Cosmic Simulacra
Genre: Progressive Death Metal / Technical Death Metal
Location: Olympia, WA 🇺🇸
For fans of: Inferi, Fallujah, The Faceless, Behemoth, Virvum

00:00 1. Discarded Ember from the Universal Flame
08:07 2. Dimensions of Diviner’s Sage
13:00 3. Dark Moon
14:32 4. Sailing on a Cardboard Sea
21:37 5. Words Once Written
30:21 6. Individual Sovereignty
39:26 7. Terra Nova

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Spawned from the sodden forests of the Pacific Northwest in 2006, No Living Witness has re-emerged to deliver their fourth sonic journey through extreme metal consciousness. An ultra-dimensional beast outside the bounds of genre, the musical motifs dance amongst themes of the human condition, chaos within the mundane, and the incredible truths of the present moment.