Mike Stahl

MikeHi, my name is Mike and I’m a music addict. I’ve had the gift of promoting great music and working with some of my favorite musicians / labels thanks to all of you. I listen to everything from classical music to hip-hop. But if I had to pick a genre, it would be metal \m/ I’ve been to some ridiculous number of concerts. Hearing loss is a hobby. I plan on having hearing aids when I’m 64 (If you got that reference… you’re the man). Between work and life, time can be tight, but I’m gonna write everyday about music I listen to. And I listen to a disgusting amount of music… Stay tuned and find new bands.

Jeff Zielinski

JI’m the guy at the show with too much energy. I was introduced to this taste of music back in high school from the two other Mikes. Ever since then my mom always tells me to turn the music down.





Mattia Brembati
(aka MATTIA)

Brembati Hi! My name is Mattia Brembati and I’ve got no alias :) or better I do have one, but it’s in Italian and it would make no sense for the most of you ahaha. Yeah I’m from Italy, and I mosh daily even here, fightingagainst stereotypes and bad music since 1992. I’ll do my best to bring you all the best music I manage to discover, especially here in Europe. I’m very thankful to The Circle Pit and especially to Mike Thall forgiving me the chance to write on this amazing website, and I’m extremely thankful to you all for spending your time reading my posts. I pledge to do my best because this music is the best for me. I’m mainly into Djent/Prog/Tech/Math Metal, and I like all kinds of experimentation and contamination in this music. I also love to follow the metalcore, deathcore, melodic death metal, and hardcore scenes. Also a huge fan of punk, ska, reggae, funk, folk, alternative rock, classical music, and a lot of electronic music. I love to explore the local underground scenes and meet a lot of nice people. That’s all :) Enjoy the music and play it loud!

 John Whitmore

WhitmoreMy name is John Whitmore and I’m from London, where I’m a husband to a beautiful, intelligent woman and owner of 2 crazy cats. Music is my fuel and inspiration and do my level best to spread the word about the artists I love. Adore being part of the fellowship that loving Metal grants you membership of. I’ve made so many friends through it and always looking to make more! We stand together. Not a collection of fans but a community. Proud to be one of us.

Arkadeep Deb
(aka Aurko)

AurkoHey, this is Arkadeep Deb AKA Aurko. I’m an engineering student based in Calcutta, India. Building my chops on Vocals and Guitars as we speak, I enjoy anything that’s remotely Metal, Classic Rock or Post Rock. My tryst with Heavy Metal began when I picked up a bootleg copy of Slipknot’s The Subliminal Verses (MAGGOT FOR LIFE!!) and Lamb of God’s Ashes of The Wake, and there has been no looking back since. When I’m not harmlessly trolling around or watching Two and a Half Men re-runs, I review the latest in Heavy Metal and also chase my favourite musicians for the latest tid-bits from the industry. As the newest member of The Circle Pit family I am immensely thankful to the team for making me a part of the crew and I’m looking forward to the whole experience. If you need to contact me feel free to drop an email at

Kolby Lefferts
(aka Lefthurts)

KolbyHey guys, the name is Kolby. Reasoning for putting Lefthurts is well, for starters my last name is Lefferts. My friends Mike Stahl and Mike Hawbaker decided to make the saying, “Kolbys right dont hurt, but his Lefthurts. ” Anyways, I am a huge fan of hardcore, progressive, death core, djent, and metalcore. I got started on Bullet For My Valentine back in my sophomore year of high school. I just enjoy writing about the music I listen too. And especially jamming out with no sense of volume.

Mike Hawbaker
(aka Thall Baker)

ThallbakerHey everyone, the name is Mike, .. or Blair, .. or Hawbaker, or all three. I go by Thall baker on this site due to my lack of creativity. Haha. But anyway, I’m a heavy music enthusiast. I started out listening to bands like Iron Maiden and Slayer a few years ago. Back then, having gone to a Catholic high school, nothing entertained me more than pulling into the parking lot blasting “Disciple” by Slayer. I’ve become interested in exploring all forms of heavy music, everything ranging from Thrash Metal to Melodic Post-Meshuggahcore (or what alot of people are calling “djent”). I’ve been listening to music my entire life but no genres have interested me enough to start blogging until now. Be sure to check out the rest of our site if you’re as into metal and hardcore as we are.

Bradley Dern
(aka Bradley D)

Dern Hey! I’m Bradley Dern from Calabasas, CA. I’m a poly sci student over at San Jose State University. I love almost all kinds of music (except for country), although I’m definitely more drawn to brutal, disgusting music. I play guitar and a little piano, but my favorite thing in the world is going to shows. I’m excited to be able to contribute for The Circle Pit and to spread the love for some awesome music you may not have heard of. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or


logan Hello! My name is Logan. Music, well, sound in general is the most important thing in my existence. Ever since I was a wee lad, I’ve had a knack for analyzing what I hear and picking out things and noting what goes well together. This is probably why I’ve picked up being a musician so easily. (Though not nearly as talented as the badassery that is posted upon this site…) Being a sound designer and engineer, I’ve come to appreciate the intricacies of a lot of well constructed music. As far as I’m concerned, metal (prog) is one of the best and most cleanly constructed genres out there. Now, I do listen to nearly everything, (except reggaeton… Odin save me from that wretched aural abomination…) but the metal is truly where my soul would live. That is… If I had one. My goal is to spread the gospel of fantastic unheard musicians in the hope that the masses will once again appreciate good music. Well… At the very least, I hope to provide ammunition to the metal armies to blast the populous into a face melted oblivion. If you want to ask or write anything to me, (seriously anything, I have no filters or walls so ask away) message me: [email protected]

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