“Late For Nothing” is the third full-length from Experimental Metal 5-piece, Iwrestledabearonce, produced by the band’s own Steven Bradley. While most have been on the band’s case following the departure of former vocalist Krysta Cameron, the band has emerged from their studio with 12 fresh new tracks featuring new vocalist Courtney LaPlante, and they are dramatically stellar with what they have to offer. Here’s why.

“Late For Nothing” can be best described by the word “Schizophrenic”, which is something of a prerequisite when it comes to Math influenced bands. Exhibit A: The track “Firebees”, groove tinged Hardcore that blends into an Indie influenced interlude, is something most listeners would expect, more so when it metamorphoses further into Chaotic Hardcore. Or perhaps, the “Carnage Asada”, which features the legendary Steve Vai and his fluid lead-work slithering through some Salsa (yeah that’s right) influenced percussion, culminating in a monstrous outro breakdown. Needless to say, the band’s eccentricity and habit of not taking themselves too seriously is a boon because it makes their music all the more enjoyable since they have the finesse and musicianship to speak for it. Also, I do not believe the band’s prank about them changing their style to Black Metal was really a prank, because there are quite a few atmospheric/symphonic/doomy keyboard segments layered in this baby, which incidentally is aces in my book, along with their quirky track names.

What Krysta Cameron had over Courtney LaPlante would be the grandiose quality in the formers cleans. However, that is not to say that Courtney LaPlante’s not good enough to step into the former’s shoes, because she makes more than up for it with her vicious, throaty gutturals. Also, LaPlante’s vocals I believe have a tinge of Alt.Metal/Gothic flavour to it which I have come to associate with childhood favourites such as Flyleaf, an added plus to be honest. The best example of this would be the tracks “That’s a Horse of a Different Color” and “Inside Job”.

“Late For Nothing” may not be genre-defining perfect but it definitely is the most mature album in the band’s kitty, owing to some of the most sickening riffing I have had the pleasure of headbanging to this year. The icing on the cake would be the consistency with which the album flows. The band knows what to set their crosshair on and make the best of their maniacal compositional skills.

“Late For Nothing” is as tight and experimental as I like my metal to be and this time Iwrestledabearonce have just pushed the envelope further than they ever had. Applauding their decision to stay unpredictable as ever, and commending their technical dexterity to obliterate any creeping chance of monotony, I sign off to replay the record again.


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