Dr. Vasallo is any die hard metal / music fan’s dream come true. The man is a doctor of music and a critically acclaimed composer of classical music that is played worldwide. What more can you ask for? After a couple albums of his solo work, Nick helped form, and handles the vocals in, the band Oblivion. You can read our very positive review of Oblivion’s debut “Called to Rise” album here.

A bit back, Dr. Vasallo released the internet premiere a new opus (Thrash Metal concerto) for electric guitar, drumset, and orchestra. Even more recently, we exclusively released one of his pieces performed by The Mobius Trio.

Now, Nick has truly outdone himself with a new composition, performed by The Living Earth Show and Friction Quartet. “Ozymandias” is a true shocker, exclusively premiered by the great people at No Clean Singing. While speaking to us about the piece, Nick had the following to say,

I have a pretty outrageous production that just finished. I’ve never made anything like this before. I basically have the two hottest musical groups in the classical world today and have them play grind, doom, and weird sounds. And the music video is epic.

We fullheartedly invite you to experience the music / video for yourself. This may end up being a trip like you’ve never experienced before. It sure as hell surprised us.

Links: Nick Vasallo Facebook // Twitter // Official Website

Oblivion Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp