Something wicked this way comes. Vildhjarta are currently in the process of writing a brand new album with which to mercilessly crush our eardrums once again. After the success of 2011's “Måsstaden” and 2013's "Thousands of Evils", you had better believe this Swedish seven-piece will be ramping up to a massive sophomore album.

Furthermore, there has been a new development in the band's line up. You can say that Vildhjarta and Humanity's Last Breath have officially joined forces as Buster Odeholm has officially joined the band as the drummer, taking up the sticks previously owned by David Lindkvist. You can check his chops on a playthrough of Vildjharta's "Eternal Golden Monk" just below.

All of the above was announced as the band simply stated, "Monk playthrough by our new Buster. We're also working on new riffethy…..thall".

Thall indeed. Stay tuned for much more where that came from.

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