Kraanium is probably one of Norway's most brutal and utterly disgusting bands. With dirty slams and flesh-ripping riffs, they mutilate the ears of all listeners.

They are currently in the studio working on a new album "Chronicles of Perversion" set to be released this year. Below is a guitar playthrough of what is to come.

Vidar Ermesjø, the guitarist you see playing, has official announced that he is leaving the band after he finishes recording for the album.

"With this previous Friday's big announcement concerning changes in the KRAANIUM line-up, it is also worth reporting that Vidar Ermesjø (KOLDBRANN, HJARNIDAUDI) has decided to resign from his position as guitar player for KRAANIUM.

His decision to resign was made back in 2014 Q3:

"My determination to end this journey has been long and coming, and to be fair towards the band – and more importantly to myself – I have decided that my future time and efforts are better spent in other ventures.

I am thankful for the experiences and opportunities received in my years of engagement with the band and I would like to extend my gratitude towards all the cool people I have encountered in our travels. You know who you are!

Signing out."

Mr. Ermesjø originally joined KRAANIUM in 2006 with the bands resurrection, and has been influential in the development of the bands present-day sound.

He is currently engaged in the production of the bands upcoming 2015 album: "Chronicles of Perversion", and will continue to see that through till its completion."

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