It looks as if fears have finally been realized. Behemoth will be going on hiatus. They had announced this possibility after the release of their most recent full-length, "The Satanist". But then they proceeded to put out an EP with an unpronounceable name, "XIĄDZ", and do some extensive touring.

Well, in a recent interview with Broward Palm Beach, the band's frontman Nergal had the following to say:

"Well, like anything, I think the future is good with thrills and… options. I'm not really counting on my future further than the touring cycle goes these days. That's really it. We're going to surprise people with some amazing projects in the coming months, but there's no new record in sight, to be honest. I don't know even when or where we'll start working on it — it's in the last position on my list of priorities."

As unfortunate as this may be, don't mourn. This isn't the end for Behemoth. Just a break in their busy and long running career.

In addition, Nergal spoke of a solo project he's working on.

I’m actually working on a project now, but I don’t want to let much out about it yet. I’m always creating. I always do stuff on the side, and some of it’s not suitable for Behemoth, and I’ve got some other projects that will eventually see the light of day. Or not. Nothing is for certain! [laughs]

Without giving too much away, would you be willing to tell us a little of what we might expect from a Nergal solo project?

Very stripped down and simple. The most primitive, acoustic-based stuff. That’s what I’m really into.

While you wait for all of this, here's some music.

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