Irreversible Mechanism currently stand on top of their successful "Infinite Fields" album release. It easily stands among the best metal albums to be released this year with impressive musicianship, scale, and technical mastery intertwined. This effort has brought power and a certain metallic joy through the ears of listeners worldwide.

Because of this, we had named the band our "Artist of the Week" and went to catch up with the masters behind the music for an interview. You can read up and learn more about Irreversible Mechanism down below!

You guys are fresh off the release of Infinite Fields! I have to say it’s one of my favorites this year. How are you feeling about the album and the response?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the kind words about our album, we are excited to see that so many people digged our album. We feel a lot of support, people are writing from all over the world.

The support is well deserved. Can you tell us about the concept behind the album?

The album concept is 9 chapters of a dive into a post-apocalyptic word, torn into strips of time, each depicting destruction, not creation, and further realization of the mistakes that were made, when cold winds soothe the ice wastelands. In our songs we take on serious topics such as globalization and nature corruption: it’s time to take a look at what’s going on among us and compare it to our imaginary post-apocalyptic word. You are being watched, whether you know it or not, by the government or other civilizations’ agents.

"We were unjust, we don't deserve mercy
We've killed the nature, abused all of our forces
We're the taint of destruction, we purify all that we see
Infinite empty fields"

Are there any tracks that you’re most proud of?

The track that we take the most pride in is “Outburst”: there’s a good mix of tech and atmosphere, this track gives us the Goosebumps, as is the case with thousands of other people who gave it a listen.

You have Lyle Cooper of Faceless fame as your drummer. Can you tell us how that came about and how it’s been working as an international band from Belarus to the United States?

We’d like to dot the “I”s on this one. Lyle is an excellent drummer and a great guy who’s done the session drums for our album, which we are eternally grateful for: his work is a great contribution to the album. Truth of the matter is that we’ve had the drum parties written, but not recorded, and we were looking for a beast that would be able to record them. Lyle signed up for the job, added some personal touch of his wizardry, and topped all of our expectations.

You also got to work with Sami Raatikainen of Necrophagist fame for the mix/master and sound production. How was that?

Working with Sami Raatikainen was a great pleasure: he’s a professional in his craft. He knows how an album should to sound as a whole: powerful yet beautiful. The sound we’ve managed to achieve together made many people wake up and cry in joy.

Any chance for some live shows?

We’ll start doing live shows in the nearest future; we’re working in this general direction. We already have a crew to give the shows with.

That's awesome! I know many a metalhead looking forward to that. If you could arrange a dream concert, who would be playing?

Pink Floyd and Rakhmaninov

That would be intense… What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

Our plan for 2015 is to reach out to as many people as possible to make their hearts beat faster.

Just for fun – If Irreversible Mechanism was a sports team, what color would your uniforms be and who would be your main sponsor?

That’s an interesting question. Our color would be red, and sponsor – Vans.

What bands should more people know about?

Those that put their soul into their music, know their craft, does quality work, and doesn’t follow the trends.

Any last words for all the metalheads out there?

Thanks a lot everyone, be on the lookout for great news.

Thanks Mike!

My pleasure. Take care, guys.

So there you have it! "Infinite Fields" is currently available for a "name your price" purchase on Bandcamp. You can sample the music just below. Stay metal, my friends \m/

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp