The age of Enfold Darkness has returned! After successfully crowdfunding a new album last year, the moguls of technical blackened death are now plotting the release of their new record later this year. This will serve as the true follow up to 2009’s incredible “Our Cursed Rapture”.

In anticipation of this grand move, Enfold Darkness have released an all new single to tantalize the ears. It doesn’t slack in any way, shape, or form. Instead, “The Dirge of the Surrogate Invictus” brings well over 7 minutes of new content with a wicked sound. You can look over the goods down yonder.

The news doesn’t stop there. Enfold Darkness have signed with an all new label, moving on from the Sumerian days. And the new label is… The Artisan Era! These are the same people responsible for the release of Inferi and Oubliette. Enfold Darkness will fit in these ranks with no issue. It should be interesting to see how both this band and it’s label progress in coming years.

But in the meantime… let there be music!

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