Sometimes, it just feels so good listening to an extreme metal record. This is especially true when the music comes with flawless composition and crisp production. As such “Reflecting The Inside”, the sophomore release from Anachronism, is immensely satisfying to listen to.

This Switzerland death unit didn’t cut any corners in the creation of this EP. From start to finish, “Reflecting The Inside” tickles the ears with a certain greatness you don’t often come across. Professional is the word that comes to mind throughout the experience. It could easily be recommended for fans of Suffocation, Gojira, and Deeds Of Flesh. Hell, if you like metal in general, this is worth checking out.

And you really have no excuse not to seeing as the entirety of Anachronism’s work is available for streaming and “name your price” downloads over on Bandcamp! You really won’t find a Death Metal deal better than this one.


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