With excitement building about their World wide live début at this July’s TechFest, (get your tickets here), Slice The Cake have released a brand new single from their forthcoming album.

Wearing a malevolent heart very much on its grandiose sleeve, Exile Part 2: The City of Destruction, is filled with the kind of ostentatious technicality and ebullient songwriting that is making STC’s live debut an experience truly not to be missed!

The band themselves had this to say about the track:

“We’re sorry to have kept you all waiting so long for yet another chunk of music, so without further ado, here is our new single “The Exile Part II – The City of Destruction.”
Its place in the narrative our of our new album is early on, telling the tale of the titular Pilgrim seeing the corruption and dismay that the rational thinking, logical future would bring.
And so, in a fit of religious madness, The Pilgrim dedicates his soul and vessel to God and decides to Exile himself from the world of Man in search of something more…”

Available to stream on Youtube and to buy via a Name your price deal on Bandcamp; Check it out now!

– John Whitmore

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp