There are many words that could be used to describe Mr. Townsend but prolific may be among the most accurate. This is a man with a solid work ethic and the genius to produce large amounts of music in a short period of time. As you may recall, Devin put out a total of three albums last year alone – “Ziltoid 2”, “Sky Blue”, and “Casualties of Cool” (four albums if you include the bonus disc!)

This year, he’s continued with the high volume of writing. It had been announced that he was working on a symphony. Now, it appears as if that work is now complete – or at least the writing portion of that work. In addition, he has also crafted a brand new album for The Devin Townsend project! Simply incredible! Here’s what the man had to say of his efforts:

“Proud to say I’ve finished the outline for the symphony. Massive ‘life work’ type shit. Surround sound, sprawling…

Orchestrator gets to Vancouver in January for 2 months to score it with me. Recording happens over a year or so

I’ve written a dtp record during this last year that will probably come out first though. Next step from Sky Blue kind of deal…

To not purge music is a fast lane to crazy for me. Sobriety helps me keep the pieces together. It’s an odd problem to consider but grateful”

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