In a recent interview with The Rockpit, The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman had some exciting news to offer. He effectively announced that Dillinger are working on their next album and follow up to the 2012 triumph “One Of Us Is The Killer”. More specificially he had the following to say:

“Yeah we’re already writing! We’re well onto a new record and the writing process and we’re going into the studio around November so we’re already getting it going.”

When asked if the band felt pressured to live up to their previous effort, he said this:

“I don’t think we really try to think about it too much, we just start moving and start making stuff. It’s like just take what you got and get to work and at some point you just got to write the first riff and not look back. We just want to make sure it always moves us, We’re proud of pretty much every single thing we ever put out. We’ve always put 110% into it and we’ve always been the kind of band where some of our music may seem clever but that’s not the most important part. The most important part is that it has emotion and energy so I like to think what differentiates us from some of the technical bands is that everything we do has to feel like it can’t just be interesting, it actually has to move us. We have to be able to picture us playing it live and feeling it and so the carthartic nature of our music is the most important thing. So with that in mind it’s not about beating something or topping it, it’s about maintaining that level of emotion and really feeling or believing that we’re creating something honest. And that’s the challenge, we have to be in the right state of mind to do it, we can’t just force it.”

When the interviewer went to ask about more details on the band’s writing process and collaboration, Ben said responded as such:

“It’s not that collaborative, I’ve pretty much been the main songwriter from day one and I’m the only original member in the band so it’s great to have some of these guys add their perspective and their flavour to it but still have the consistency of the original vision that went into the band. I think that makes it interesting. Typically myself and our drummer work and create pretty complex demos before anyone else hears it and then we send it to the guys and they work on it, work on their parts and it’s really cool especially to hear Greg (Puciato) our singer to come back and hear his take on it. I think the good thing about him not being part of the process until it’s almost done is that he hears it like a fan, it hits him exactly how we intended it to hit somebody. To be able to be moved by it and create based on that inspiration and influence and I hear it back almost fresh where it’s got a whole new level and layer to it, it’s a pretty exciting process to be honest with you.”

To read the full interview, you can head over to The Rockpit. And while we all wait for new material from The Dillinger Escape Plan, here’s some music!

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