Iron Maiden are currently planning a massive world tour in support of their forthcoming album, “The Book of Souls”. The scale of this tour is so large, they won’t even bother traveling on land… Instead, they’ll take to the sky with captain / vocalist / the man Bruce Dickinson piloting a huge Boeing 747 for the first time. ACES HIGH on Ed Force One!

The statistics behind this tour are mind bending. Iron Maiden will be touching down in 6 out of 7 continents, traveling 55,000+ miles in the process! They’ll be hitting 35 countries including China and El Salvador for the first time. This will be insane to say the very least…

Bruce Dickinson had the following to say:

“Even though we have worked out the logistics of taking a plane of that immense size out on tour, I still have to learn to fly it before we can go anywhere! So, I’m currently doing my training to qualify as a pilot and Captain on a Boeing 747. I’m doing this at Cardiff Aviation, my aircraft maintenance facility in Wales, where we recently took possession of a rather splendid 747 simulator which I can’t wait to get practising on!

“We’re all really excited at the thought of bringing our brand new tour to fans who have never seen us play live before, and of course re-visiting all our old friends again too. You can rest assured we are all working hard to put together a spectacular show for our fans.”

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