Here we have a guitarist named Drum. With the collaboration of a few other musicians, Drummond has constructed his brilliant debut EP “Getting Comfortable”. It brings the listener on a ride through sounds of Jazz Fusion intertwined with Progressive Rock / Metal and the spirit of creativity. It’s a great experience that could easily be recommended for fans of Exivious and Plini.

In support of this effort, we’ve teamed up with Drummond to stream a single from “Getting Comfortable”. The track goes by the name of “Ecotone”. It features an awesome contribution from the one and only Sithu Aye along with the voice of Sara Donnellan. It serves as a great track all around.

“Getting Comfortable” is now available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! You can stream the EP in its entirety at the same location. Any love and support shown to Drummond and his troupe of troubadours is well deserved.


Links: Bandcamp