A recent interview with Rocksverige has unveiled some interesting things from camp Behemoth. In particular, there’s a chance that the band will be writing new music next year with the intention of a 2017 album. Furthermore, it sounds like they’re working on a theatric style soundtrack of some sort though the project itself is still under wraps. Read below to hear it from the mouth of Nergal himself:

“I really don’t wanna talk that much about it until we have some truths. There’s some stuff happening, but I can’t go into any details. It’s something that’s gonna be pretty big. It’s a big deal with some big names and there’s a pretty dark story behind it, which is worldwide known, because it’s a classic. We’ve been asked to make some music for it and we’re trying. We have even recorded something, but it’s too early to officially give any details to the public.

I can say that when we were in the studio fucking around with ideas for this theater project, it kind of triggered my creativity and I think I’ll be getting into writing mode earlier than I expected that I would. It’s still too early, but I think I wanna start doing some work in 2016 and I think it would be really smart and good to have a new album out in 2017. But I know how it is — you say something in an interview, and then [people] say, “You promised there was gonna be a record in 2017.”

While we wait for more news from Behemoth, here’s some metal from the band’s most recent album “The Satanist” to tide you over:

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