For those who haven’t heard, Protest The Hero are trying yet another new path to releasing music. They were one of the first to have an insanely successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2013 – a trend that has caught fire ever since. Now, they’re trying something new yet again – a subscription based music service. So, basically, they’re releasing a new song every month to those who tag along – which you can do so by CLICKING HERE. They just released their third song today through this method. It goes by the name of “Cold Water” and considering it’s Protest The Hero – it’s probably amazing.

The band released the following statement in regards to this:

“So here she blows!

For a long time, we have been dreaming of a new way to bring you our music. We wanted something more direct than a standard album release and record cycle. After months of soul searching and a little bit of elbow grease, we proudly present to you “Pacific Myth” – our new subscription song and video platform.

At it’s core, this is a ‘song a month’ platform which launches RIGHT NOW. We will be releasing a new song every month for 6 months, always on the 15th. In our opinion, this is the most direct way we can deliver you new tunes.

We have chosen to lead things off this month with “Ragged Tooth” a cracking little banger of a song which we felt represented where we are headed with all of this. It’s important to note that every song release will be accompanied with an instrumental mix of the song as well as hi-res album art, lyrics, and liner notes.

All of the info for the subscription, the motivation behind building it, and the first song itself can be found here:

Please share and spread the word. The success and visibility of Pacific Myth is largely dependent on you! We truly appreciate your continued support as we venture down this new path. And don’t worry, we aren’t done with tradition full length records, we just need a break from em!


**we realize there are going to be questions about this new platform so we have done our best to try and answer some of them in our FAQ here:

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