In case you missed it over the holiday weekend, Rings of Saturn and Interloper collided to bring a hard hitting track into focus. Which is strange in a way considering both bands are made up of the same members. But in theory it makes sense as the song itself merges the two styles into one. Their “collab” single goes by the name of “Souls of this Mortality” and it shreds in ways that are hard to comprehend.

Long story short, if you dig RoS and Interloper, this track is a must listen. Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy these bands, the track is still worth a go. It’s monstrously good in a number of ways. Here’s what they had to say of the musical mash up:

“This is a collaboration song mixing some of the stylistic qualities between the two bands, Rings of Saturn and Interloper. We thought it would be fun to experiment a little bit and release something for you guys while you are waiting for the official new Rings of Saturn album! Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!”

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