Need a breath of fresh air? Are you looking to immerse yourself into a world of new and original music? Are you looking to soar upon the winds of melody and crash into the lands below, propelled by heaviness? Do you not want to read another cliché attempting to describe musical greatness? Well, we have just the fix for you!

Hailing from the Arizona desert comes a lush and vibrant Progressive Metal sound. Animus Complex are an extremely talented musical unit looking to push boundaries while simultaneously appealing to listeners from many walks. We’ve been following this band through The Circle Pit for a few years now and they’ve just put out arguably their best release to date…

Introducing “Immersion”! This 9 track effort is a solid addition to this band’s discography to say the very least. It’s an exhibition of these musicians successfully trying things they’ve never laid hands on before while, at the same time, notably progressing upon their sound of years past.

The entirety of this album is now live and streaming through Bandcamp where you can also purchase it for a very reasonable price. Be sure to show the band some love if you enjoy the music!


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Official Website // Bandcamp