In a recent interview with Ghost Cult Magazine, Carcass guitarist Bill Steer was asked about upcoming music. He provided insight as to how the band will likely proceed with their next venture, even noting that they have a few songs tucked away. Here’s the full quote:

“Hmm, interesting question, really, because the new music will have to differ from the previous record to a degree, because you have to feel like the music going forward. With Surgical Steel, we had the advantage where people didn’t know we were working on an album until it came out, and expectations were low, which was great, because when the album came out, it was actually great, and it was surprising to many people.

When Jeff Walker and I get together and write music through, we’re going to have to walk a tight rope— writing music that’s identifiable, as well as breaking new ground.

We do have a couple of songs tucked away—the momentum just picked up, and at the start of last year, we got together and worked on a handful of tunes, and we’re excited with some of the things we were working on. When we have a quiet time this year, in 2016, we’ll look into the stuff more carefully.”

Currently, Carcass is out on tour with Slayer and Testament. You can scope out a full list of dates by CLICKING HERE. You can expect more news from these Melodic Death Metal innovators over the coming year.

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