Darkest Hour are looking for financial support to release their 9th full-length album independently. That being the case, the band has launched a crowdfunding campaign seeking $50,000 in order to make this happen. You can watch the video and official statement in regards to this just below. You can also look over all the awesome incentives and contribute by CLICKING HERE.

“With your support we’ve been able to release: 1 demo, 2 EP’s, 8 full-length albums, have our music appear in video games, major motion pictures, participate in countless tours and perform all over world – spanning 6 continents.

The most incredible part of this journey has been the ability to connect with so many people on an individual level.

It’s in keeping with this spirit that we are proud to announce our plan to independently release Darkest Hour‘s 9th studio album.

We started this band releasing our own music. Therefore, to do so now with modern tools and on our own terms is as much of a nod to the past as it is a look into the future.

Your pre-order will go directly towards the creation, production and distribution of the album itself.

Those who contribute will receive continued updates via email and video web-i-sodes (remember those?!).

As an extra gift to all supporters, we will be offering this never-before-seen Thrashography Sequel “Party Scars and Prison Bars: Two and a Half.”

The good people at Media-Phi and Indie Life Media followed us all over the world, documenting every step of our 20th Anniversary Tour in 2015, which includes multi-camera live footage, exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews and amazing guest appearances! This film is a perfect addendum to the story so far and we’re happy to provide this, and many more killer videos, for you all.

In fact, those who preorder the CD/DVD option will receive our full 20th Anniversary Undoing Ruin live set, filmed at the Black Cat in Washington, DC. This is the first time that we have ever released a full-set, live video of the band and we’re happy to show you all how we like to party in DC.

Some of our favorite bands and artists have paved the way for us by independently releasing and distributing their own albums. We are more than happy to carry on the tradition; after all, connecting directly with you feels like home to us.

Time is limited as this is a 30-day campaign. Please be a part of making history with us by picking up one of the options below. Help us make the nastiest, no-holds-barred, shreddiest, riffingist, most CRUSHING album in our catalog, allowing the only outside influence to be you, the supporters! Thanks in advance, we can’t wait to unleash this album on your ear-holes!

Darkest Hour”

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