The Black Dahlia Murder teamed up with director / animator Adam Avilla to bring an awesome, new music video for the track “Threat Level No. 3”! Adam has previously made music videos for metal bands such as Toxic Holocaust and Red Fang with a very unique, almost Adult Swim-esque style. TDBM vocalist Trevor Strnad had the following to say of the project.

“Adam has done an amazing job of bringing the fiendish character behind ‘Threat Level No. 3’ to life in all his despicable glory. This is by far the best video we’ve ever brought forth and the best part of all…You don’t have to look at our ugly faces once!”

The director had the following to say as well.

“It isn’t often that a band that you have listened to for fifteen years approaches you and wants you to draw four minutes of sheer madness for their new record. It’s insane. Such a great honor. And the song rips!”

Without further adieu, you can watch the video for “Threat Level No. 3” right here:

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