Here’s something you may want to add to your scheduled programming. Misery Signals are currently in the process of having a documentary made. A lengthy statement and a teaser were recently put out to announce this. You can take a look over the goods right here:

A documentary film about Misery Signals is nearing completion, and we’re excited for you all to see it soon. Here’s more straight from our best friend and the director of the doc, Matt:

Hey all.

My name is Matt Mixon. I’m currently producing a feature length documentary film about Misery Signals that I’m proud to announce will be out later this year. It’s called “Yesterday Was Everything”. The film chronicles the bands 2014 “Malice X” reunion tour, explores the tragedy that resulted in the formation of the band, and their struggle to balance friendship with creative process.

It’s no “Mad Max: Fury Road” or anything, but I think you’re going to enjoy it. It’s heavy, it’s real, and it’s a love letter to the scene many of us grew up in, and the experiences that shaped so many of us into who we are today. And it’s got mosh parts too.

Anyway, I need a lot of help. Much of the film takes place in the early 2000’s, surrounding Edmonton, Milwaukee, early Misery Signals, Compromise, and 7 Angels 7 Plagues. I need photos and videos to help illustrate a time and a place. Shows, tour stuff, hangs, venues, ANYTHING you think might be relevant. If you’ve got a VHS tape you think part of a Compromise set might be on, or a box of terrible blurry photos taken with a disposable camera at a 7a show, hit me up, please! I will pay for postage and see that it all gets back to you.

I know these things are a pain in the ass to look for, but hopefully if you were there for any of it, you know the story, you know the importance it being told, and you’ll brave the basement and the dust for me. Thanks in advance for even looking. And please if you know somebody else who might have something, tag them in this post, repost it, send them a note, blow this thing up. I’ll thank you in my oscars speech.

Hope to hear from you: [email protected]

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