Late last year, Emmure completely fell apart leaving vocalist Frankie Palmeri as the only member left. Now, the new line-up has been announced and it’s surprising to say the least. Emmure is now, essentially, Glass Cloud with Frankie as the vocalist instead of Jerry Roush. It makes some sense as Glass Cloud has been largely inactive of late, last making noise back in mid-2014.

So, that being the case, guitarist Joshua Travis and bassist Phil Lockett, both previously of Glass Cloud and The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, are now with Emmure. This also includes drummer Joshua Miller, previously of Glass Cloud. Not to be condescending, but this also means Emmure is now more talented than they’ve ever been. Let’s see if they utilize it…

Footage of a live performance with the new lineup, taken from Oberhausen, can be found below. We also included our footage of Glass Cloud from their last tour for good measure.

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