We introduced you on Sunday but allow us to reiterate… Absently is a brilliant solo project powered by the mind of musician Adam Bentley. Using his collective skills, he crafts an array of Progressive Metal / Rock music in an instrumental format. Furthermore, this is done with a heaping helping of creativity poured on top, throwing the listener through pleasantly unexpected twists and turns along the way.

All of this and more is exhibitioned on his debut solo endeavor “Open Mind”. Filled to the brim with 9 tracks, the introduction of Absently has proven to be quite the pleasant listening experience. Furthermore, it’s currently available for full streaming and purchase over on Bandcamp!

We’ve made a couple moves in support of this beautifully done instrumental project. The latest of which is a new video stream for the track “Schlipps” so watch your step and watch down below! *Ba dum tsk*… We’re also streaming the track “Dayzed”. Both of these, along with the “Open Mind” album, are fully worth the listen so give it a go! And, of course, show some love and support if you enjoy the music.

Here’s what the Boston artist had to say about “Open Mind”:

“This album is a representation of all the personal material I’ve written and recorded over the past couple of years that I really enjoy. I wanted to make a collection of riffs and ideas that I love listening to and I hope whoever listens connects to it the way I do.”


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp