ADE made a huge impression on us at The Circle Pit when they dropped their 2013 album “Spartacus” to follow up their 2009 effort “Prooemivm Sangvine”. Their approach to music can be summed up with four words – Ancient Roman Death Metal. They pull off this original sound flawlessly while bringing in elements of supreme heaviness, ungodly technical prowess, and tasteful ancient Roman folk instrumentation.

So, naturally, when news came of an all new album, it was time to get excited. ADE are currently building towards the release of their new album “Carthago Delenda Est” through their new label XTREEM MUSIC. They are currently in the last stages of this process with a July 15th release date laid out!

In further support of this, the band has supplied in studio previews for all the key instruments found on the album (sans the folk instrumentation). You can take a look over all these below along with the impressive artwork! Great music is coming this way!


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