The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk’s road to recovery has continued to be a success. He and the rest of the band have further proven to be an inspiration to us all following the the fatal bus / semi crash that occurred last year. The latest chapter in recovery comes from an uplifting blog post complete with a video showing Andrew getting back on the drum kit, regardless of his lost leg. Currently, the band is gearing up to play Warped Tour in 2017 as a goal for their full recovery. The videos can be found below. You can also read a snippet from Andrew’s blog post and find the full write up by heading over to the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital website. We wish Andrew and all The Ghost Inside all the best as they continue to move past last year’s tragedy.

This whole experience has been life-changing. I’ve been on the road since I was 17. My whole life, full-time, has been spent traveling all over the world, playing shows. That has come to a dead stop. But I’ve adjusted. I’m still adjusting, every day. I’ll admit I have my days – I just want to get out of here, go do something. I get a little irritable here and there, but I just take a deep breath. I know I’m lucky… READ MORE HERE

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