Last year, it was announced that vocalist Storm Strope would no longer be a part of the lineup for the heavyweight Pennsylvania Deathcore unit The Last Ten Seconds Of Life. In the wake of his departure, the band brought on John Robert Centorrino from My Bitter End so they could continue touring. In light of these events, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life have no brought on John Robert Centorrino as a permanent member of the lineup.

Here’s what the band had to say of this:

“In January we announced tryouts to take over vocals. We first want to thank everyone and anyone that posted a submission or spread the word about the process. We had over 100 submissions from all over the US and outside the U.S. as well. It is amazing how much talent and drive there is from musicians/vocalists within the music community and we are blown away by how many take interest in this band. With that said, we slowly narrowed down the submissions through a list of different factors and have decided that John Robert C. will be taking over the vocalist position. If you attended the Arsonists Get All The Girls tour or the Carnifex tour in November he was filling in then and now he will be our full-time front man. Be on the lookout for a tour in the Summer with some great bands and for studio updates as we go into Atrium Audio to record our next full length album.”

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