Abnormally tall bassist Lee Foral has parted ways with After The Burial following a solid 12 year run since the band’s inception. As unfortunate as this may be, rest assured he did it for the best of reasons. For about a year now, Lee has been a father and now plans to fill that role with permanence outside of the touring life. So, of course, there’s no bad blood here. And despite being a rough stretch for the band given the untimely passing of original guitarist Justin Lowe last year as well, things will move on. Here’s the official statement from After The Burial:

As some of you may know, the last few tours have been without our bassist Lee. A year ago he was gifted with a baby boy, and that has understandably been his number one priority. We are sad to break the news that he will no longer be playing with us, but at the same time are happy that he’s taken the role of a father. We’ll always cherish the times we had together, the music we made, and the friendship that we still share. We wish him nothing but the best!

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