Something is happening… The Acacia Strain, Thy Art Is Murder, and Fit For An Autopsy have all posted up the picture found below…

Naturally, in the wake of such events, the rumor mill is hard at work. Having previously announced a split EP with an unknown band, many fans of The Acacia Strain believe this will be musical collaboration they’ve been waiting for. Or it could potentially be a tour. Or it could potentially be the announcement of an all new vocalist for Thy Art Is Murder (seeing as they’re all friends). Or it could be a sign marking the beginning of the end. Or maybe they all just felt like posting the same damn thing on a Tuesday night. Speculate as we may… Something is happening…

We’ll have to wait and see what comes of this esoteric move down the line. In the mean time, feel free to add your own theories and have a wonderful week.


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