Read those names in the title above… There will be a split EP release with contributions from all three bands! It will be delivered as a 6 track effort with 2 numbers from each unit. The release will be known as “The Depression Sessions” and comes strapped with an August 12 release date through the mighty Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Only a few days now… The split was recorded in December of last year at Graphic Nature Audio in New Jersey. That being the case, Thy Art Is Murder still had CJ McMahon as their vocalist at the time.

In support of this, they’ve just released the second in a series of studio videos to show what went into making the split. It’s a little less serious this time… You can find all the relevant videos down below. Also, you can check out the first tracks from Thy Art Is Murder and The Acacia Strain by CLICKING HERE. The official word can also be found here:

In December of 2015, three bands with three different stylistic approaches to aggressive music, but a common outlook on the world, came together to create a collective piece of work – The Depression Sessions. Those three bands were Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain, and The Acacia Strain and on August 12, Nuclear Blast Entertainment will release the results of this experience both digitally and on limited edition vinyl. Today, the first trailer with the band members talking about the making of this release, can be seen here:


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