Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-Fear Factory, etc.) was recently featured on “The Ex Man” podcast, ran by former God Forbid, Vagus Nerve guitarist Doc Coyle. During this interview, Christian brought up a new project that he’s working on with a number of interesting individuals. To be more specific, he had the following to say:

“If there’s no Fear Factory reunion happening I’m definitely gonna be back on tour next year. I just finished a record with Sen Dog from Cypress Hill—he’s doing a metal band, it’s like hardcore, metal, hip-hop all infused, we just wrote fourteen songs or something. He’s gonna put it out, if he is able to establish some tours and some work… It’s called Powerflow, it’s Sen Dog, Rogelio [Lozano] from Downset., Billy [Graziadei] from Biohazard, myself and Fernando Schaefer, which is a drummer in Worst—a Brazilian band, amazing drummer. If there’s some tours… I mean Prophets Of Rage is going out next year, there’s been talk about Powerflow being the opening band and also Tim‘s [Commerford] band [Wakrat.]”

Should be interesting to see how this boils down ultimately. Should also be interesting to see if there is, in fact, a Fear Factory reunion happening. Stay tuned for more on all of the above…

In the meantime, let there be music!