For those who have not heard, our friends and musical innovators in Mute The Saint have released their debut album! This is the world premiere clash of Indian Classical Music and Metal with the masterful sitar player Rishabh Seen at the helm. Together with guitarist Josh Seguin, drummer Jared Sandhy, and bassist Shashwat Kapoor, they bring brilliant music into life. The entirety of the album is currently streaming online via Metal Injection. You can currently find this below with the official statement from Rishabh Seen under that. Enjoy the music!

I have waited for this day all my life and it’s finally here!

Dear all,I present to you the full debut album by my band Mute The Saint which just premiered Metal Injection a few hours ago!

I shall not write anything further and let you guys click on this link,put on your headphones and let us take you on a spiritually powerful and uplifting journey.Presenting the world’s first Indian Classical-Progressive Metal Record, Mute The Saint –


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