Of all the upcoming Folk Metal releases, this is the one I’m currently looking forward to the most. While on a Bandcamp hunt, I randomly (and quite pleasantly) stumbled across the Spanish band Aegri Somnia. Their music is as beautiful as it is haunting (and maybe even relaxing). Emotion wells up through this band’s superb delivery. Truthfully, I have no idea what the lyrics are but the singer’s pain is real in ways that will set a soul aflame.

This is a two person effort between “Lady Carrot” covering percussion and vocal duties and “Nightmarer” delivering guitars, bass, synths and programming. Their efforts bring all the greatness described above and some.

Currently, the band is planning the release of their album “Ad Augusta Per Angusta” through Symbol Of Domination Productions January 30, 2017. Pre-orders are currently available over on Bandcamp. Over on that page, you can also find their lead single “Ronda De Mayo” to get a taste of their unique, Spanish Folk Metal approach. Be careful! You might just get hooked.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp